According to some info dug up by Rob Lopata for the Chicago Tribune, most al pastor places in Chicago use reconstructed gyro cones. People like owner Mario Martinez say the city's natural gas and electricity lines don't provide enough heat, which doesn't allow for proper charring. Mario, who's family also owns two popular al pastor spots in Mexico City, took it into his own hands. They use a strong gas flame, and if you catch them at the right time when the thinly shaved meat is going from cone to tortilla, you're going to get some of the best al pastor in the city. You can try it the traditional way in a taco or enjoy a plate of it in a popular dish served throughout Mexico.

"Electric is no good. No one in Mexico uses electric," said Mario Martinez, owner of Tacos Mario's in West Lawn. His family owns two restaurants in Mexico City. "It doesn't cook the meat properly, won't char it."

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